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February 14, 2015

Training in Salt Lake

President Hodgman set us apart to serve as missionaries Monday, Feb 2. After locking the front door and loading up our luggage, we flew to Salt Lake on United. We had four of the largest suitcases, two carry-ons and each of us had our personal bag. That's a lot of "stuff"!! Diane filled up three of the large bags, including a couple of clocks, placemats, a few favorite kitchen items AND our bathroom scale! Plus we had church shoes, tennis shoes and sandals.

Here is our whole life in these suitcases!

Two days were spent at the Church office building in Salt Lake being trained as area auditors using LUFUS software and other office procedures for church auditing and training of assistant area auditors, helping to foresee possible serious issues and to prevent problems from continually happening.

Those in the Church Audit Department who trained us are L to R: Rahn Price, Wes Johnson and Cal Simmons. We are replacing the Lowell's in the right picture and they are training us in our specific responsibilities. It was pretty intense but we came away with a solid understanding of the auditing process and purpose: to safeguard the leaders and protect the sacred funds of the Church.

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