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February 15, 2015

Missionary Training Center

Joe and I had a pretty rigid schedule all week but we tried really hard to keep to some sort of exercise program. We got up at 6:00. Joe went to the workout room but I just did my floor exercises for 20 minutes every morning. We always made it for a quick breakfast in the cafeteria before our first class at 8:00am. We had lunch at noon and then continued with role-play classes and teaching techniques until 4:30.

The food was always good but we found with a buffet, we eat more than we should. One day I saw a young Elder stirring his oatmeal with a sliced banana on top. He was having a heck of a time and when I looked closer, it wasn't oatmeal at all but a bowl of peanut butter with a banana!! Another day, I saw a Tongan missionary with five large glasses of orange juice on his tray. I was wrong to think he was getting orange juice for his companions because he sat down at the table with us and was drinking them all and just stacking those empty glasses!!

Joe and I had a routine of only two meals a day with a snack of fruit or whatever, but at the MTC, we were getting three full meals and eating way more calories than we were used to. We did much better by the end of the week, eating more salads and fruit. I even cut way back on my breakfast meal to include fruit and oatmeal as opposed to French toast, doughnuts or eggs and bacon. Ugh, I know I’ve put on weight and will have to work on diet and exercise consistently when I get to Peru.

There is one picture here where Joe and I introduced ourselves to Motekiai Langi who has just been recruited by BYU football to play when he returns from his mission. Look how big he is next to me!!

The week was filled with so much information and wonderful teaching techniques. Although we won’t be actively proselyting, it is invaluable information as we may lead discussions at any time. We practiced with “investigators” who came to give us experience in conducting a missionary visit, we practiced with each other in our district and with other districts. Our combined large group sessions were motivating and informative. We came to know so many wonderful couples who will be serving in many places in the US as well as a few foreign countries, Ukraine, Croatia, Singapore, Chili, and South Africa. Our Tuesday fireside was with Elder Wilson of the Seventy. He spoke of many things but the one that made an impression was to actually read the Book of Mormon with our investigators.

The whole week was exhausting but rewarding. I think the classwork was more so since it was lecture and then interaction and especially after lunch when we were so sleepy. Names I don't want to forget who we studied with every day: Our district pictured above was Carolyn and  Gary West, our instructor Sister Moore, Gary and Wanda Pederson and Dan and Linda Unger. Gary Pederson grew up in Brentwood, California so we knew some of the same people and places.

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  1. HUGE! Hope he can play. Go Cougs! Con amor, Los Hansen