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May 8, 2016

Week 62 ~ Our "super mercado" Totus

Happy Mother’s Day

We always pray for our children and grandchildren. They bring us so much joy. We are so grateful to our children who teach the gospel of Jesus Christ in their homes with trust and faith. Oh, how they bring us so much joy! President Hinckley said, “The health of any society, the happiness of its people, their prosperity, and their peace all find their roots in the teaching of children by fathers and mothers”.

We honor our mothers and the mothers of our grandchildren.

". . . Hyrum sprang to his feet and exclaimed, 'Joseph, we shall return, for I have seen an open vision in which I saw Mother on her knees under an apple tree praying for us, and she is even now asking in tears for God to spare our lives that she may behold us again in the flesh. And the Spirit testifies to me that her prayers and ours shall be heard.' And from that moment we were healed and went on our way rejoicing.

"'Oh, my Mother,' said Joseph, 'how often have your prayers been a means of assisting us when the shadows of death encompassed us'" (Teachings of Presidents of the Church: Joseph Smith, p. 488).

Shopping for Groceries
One of our weekly "chores" sometimes "bi-weekly chores" is shopping for groceries.  We usually go to a store about one kilometer away, Totus.  Totus is a chain grocery store and is very well stocked with fruit, vegetables, meats, and bakery..  We can get most of the things we want except for the few American items that we always buy.  For example, Diane, trying to find a can of hair spray in Peru is like trying to find snow in Death Valley.  However, we don't complain because we eat quite well and healthy for the most part. When we first arrived in Peru, we were a little frustrated, but now we are accustomed to buying what the Peruvians buy.  This week we wanted to show the "typical" things you can buy a the local super mercado, typical to Peru but very unusual to Americans.


Have a happy week shopping at WalMart.


  1. This is a fun post! Tottus was our store when we lived there. We went to the one by the Puente Atocongo. My number 3 son used to love those drinkable yogurts, and my number 4 son used to drink a box of Gloria milk every day, by himself. I thought it was funny to pay S./14.50 for the pancake syrup that costs about a dollar here.

    As for hair spray...in Surco there is the Ovalo Higuereta. There is a Plaza Vea/Gold's Gym on one side, but just before that, there are a bunch of pharmacies and cosmetic stores. That's where I bought most of my makeup. I think the street name is Benavides, and if you keep going through, it will take you to Miraflores.

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