"Being together is like catching a sunbeam; each new memory we make reflects light hinting there is more to see and know."

April 25, 2016

Week 61 ~ Missionary Life

We are constantly reminded while serving here in Peru; 
Be humble
Be teachable
Be thankful
Be cheerful
and always
Be prepared..

Last week was filled with memories and well wishes with good friends. We love our mission and each other. As we celebrated our anniversary, we know we are so blessed to share our lives together, to grow and experience this service in Peru. It just makes us more bond together because it is so different from the lives we had with Jon and Eileen. This mission identifies us together and will be the foundation for the rest of our lives.

The office had an old sewing machine donated so I checked it out until someone else needs it.  At first I took it to my desk so Joe could take it home for me and, oh boy, did that cause a stir among the workers. It was almost as though they had never seen one before . . . really. They were inspecting it and laughing because they saw the movie with Wil Smith in Pursuit of Happiness where he was carrying a sewing machine around and had it on the bus. The bishop came in and even thought there should be a sewing class for the Relief Society sisters. Oh dear. Anyway, Joe managed to get it home in addition to walking his bike. I must say, I feel like the proud owner of a sewing machine!

Joe often takes a bike ride and this is one of his favorite places in the early morning hours.  Except for a little yappy dog it is a very quiet and peaceful place.  The ruins are called "Huaca la Puruchuca", ancient ruins at the base of the mountain surrounding La Molina. This particular morning he rode the bike to the base of the ruins and walked up to explore.  It was a very quiet and serene morning. 

The temple is being cleaned this week. They put scaffolding around the four spires and pressure wash everything, then the walls, etc. There is no rain here so the buildings get really dirty but the church makes sure our buildings are always beautiful. Looking out from our office window, there were three men cleaning the concrete sides and windows of the MTC, three stories high. Downtown, the government buildings and cathedrals are so dirty and with no rain, there is no way to get them clean.


Always cleaning

Happy Anniversary and Happy Birthday

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