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August 23, 2015

Week 26 ~ Don't burn the beans!!

I started cooking the black beans in the morning after soaking them all night and then went to the office! I forgot to turn off the beans! Very fortunately, Joe came home after the English class to meet a man installing an upgrade to our internet service. When he opened the door, the smoke was so thick it looked like fog. He found the pot still on the stove, the beans were ashes and the pot had seen its last day! He opened all the windows and using fans tried to get the smoke out of the apartment. When I came home, it was still so bad! I cooked bacon, sausage, potatoes and onion to try and get the smell down or at least covered up, but no! We should have gone to a hotel for the night because it was making us sick to our stomach and headache to be in it. I got up in the middle of the night because the smell was so bad. All day Saturday, we washed all the bedding, sprayed vinegar on the drapes and couch, ran the fans, and then today another missionary gave us an 0-zone diffuser that is filling the apartment with an orange smell. Our lesson to all . . . DON’T BURN THE BEANS!!

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  1. Just got caught up on your blog posts: your amazon adventure and Joe's teaching. So many fun pictures and great experiences. Love it.