"Being together is like catching a sunbeam; each new memory we make reflects light hinting there is more to see and know."

August 16, 2015

WEEK 25 ~ Maestro Cheney

Hello to all,
We enjoyed another very busy week in the office.  Every minute of our day is full and rewarding.  A few weeks ago our co-workers approached Joe and asked him  if he could teach them an English class.  Some of them speak a little English, most do not.  They agreed to spend an hour overlapping lunch for the class three days a week.  Joe decided to use some of Blaine Ray's TPRS, translating his Spanish power points into English for the class.  It has been a hit, very tiring for Joe but still very rewarding. We also decided to offer a Spanish class for the senior missionary couples who want to practice their Spanish.  Joe is teaching two days a week using the same TPRS program.   We are having a lot of fun and hopefully learning too.

Yesterday we were invited to an exclusive regatta club in Lima. We met this cute young couple at our jungle trip to Iquitos who were included in our group. They live right here in Lima so it was fun to get together with them again. The resort is really a mini town but very tight security and membership rules. They conduct many sports events and competitions, rowing, regatta races, beach volleyball, basketball, badminton, tennis, squash, and a huge Olympic pool. The Club is located right on the coast with three private sandy beaches, nice clothing and sports shops, video game arcade, a huge play structure area and lazy pool, and many fast food and high-end restaurants. We sure enjoyed just walking around and enjoying a fabulous lunch. I bought two scarves :).The weather, though cloudy, was very mild and comfortable. The Club was right next to the fishing pier and it was delightful to see the brightly colored fishing boats bringing in their catch, the dozens of pelicans wanting their share, and the open-air market selling the catch of the day. Oh, it made me smile to hear the waves and seagulls and to smell the salty air!! We even thought it might be worth it to have our own membership BUT, alas, it’s about $40,000 USD in addition to a monthly fee.

     The temple here has been closed for a few weeks. They replaced a lot of the stone on the front of the building and some other stuff. We’ve missed not attending but will start up again on our weekly schedule this week. We have five new missionary couples this month and it’s fun to get to know them. One couple, Craig and Lesley Raeside from Australia, have the cutest accent! It’s great to hear them speak Spanish! Also the Burtons from Utah, Blunts from Medford, Oregon and Merrills from the Seattle area are coming in this week and Mike and Marilyn Woods arrived a few weeks ago. That makes us one of the old timers. It makes for a fun bunch to have activities and Saturday day excursions.

We are loving our mission and realize more each day the tremendous challenges and rewards found in this area. 1,299,577. Only Mexico has more members at 1,344,298.  It also contains the 4th largest number of congregations at 1,874 all of which we monitor and are intimately involved with in  the bi-annual financial auditing process. It certainly keeps us very busy and we have a great office support team. We are so blessed to be here.  
It is missionary "rich", meaning the hearts of the people are opening more and more to the message of the restored gospel. The other day we took this picture of all the missions in our area, the South America Northwest Area. We didn't realize that this area has the second largest membership of any area in the world.

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