"Being together is like catching a sunbeam; each new memory we make reflects light hinting there is more to see and know."

March 16, 2015

WEEK 4 ~ Lines Lines Lines

Monday  "Interpol and Teeth"
We had an experience that every missionary couple has the opportunity to have at the “INTERPOL” (headquarters for the Peruvian Nation Policed) where we applied for our visas.  The morning began at 7 am with our driver, Fernando, picking us up and taking us downtown close to the American Embassy to have our pictures taken for our visas.  We spent a good 45 minutes there waiting for the pictures to be “completed” even though they were on the computer.  We then were driven to INTERPOL where we waited in line to take a number to wait in line to have our teeth checked (yes, I kid you not) Each person went into a very small room one at a time with three women  One woman was the “tooth inspector".  We were told to lie flat on our back on an old (probably discarded) dentist chair and then open our mouth wide while the tooth inspector looked at each one of our teeth all the while we held our mouth open as wide as possible.  She then told the other two women all about our teeth, which ones had fillings, and crowns, bridges, root canals and probably even cavities.  I'm surprised she didn't tell us we needed to floss more.  The other two woman recorded what the tooth inspector said on a piece of paper written in pen or pencil.  That is how they identify a non Peruvian if by chance they die while in the country.  It’s by your teeth, no photos just a written report by the visual exam of the tooth inspector.  I'm sure there is an explanation for whey they do it this way.  Maybe they just like to see our dentures.  We then waited in line …… again to have our passports checked and then given permission to have our finger prints taken.  After that….. well we were done.  It was quite the experience.  Another day in the life of a missionary.  We will hopefully receive our visas in several weeks.  I hope my teeth are still in good shape by then. 

Thursday  "Night at the Theater"
We attended a special Peruvian dance performance at the new Grand National Theater. It is really a beautiful facility for concerts and special events. The dancing was fabulous and the costumes were so brilliant in color and detail. Some of the costumes were Las Vegas style. We couldn’t take pictures so I took pictures of the program to share. J It was absolutely grand choreography and dance steps requiring strength and endurance.

"Premera Capacitacion"  
We participated in our first AAA training on Saturday. Even though we could not be seen through our Skype connection, we could see the brethren in Venezuela and hear them and them us.  At first it was a little difficult. And, I’m sure, somewhat frustrating for them when I didn’t even know what they were asking me or that they were even asking a question.  They wanted to receive some counsel from me.  Finally I asked them to speak much slower.  which they did very slow, like a recording 3X slower than normal.  It was pretty funny.  So I asked them to speed up a little, then a little faster and then we got it just right and I could understand.  I told them that they would need to be patient with a 62 year old man who had lost millions of brain cells the moment he turned 60.  They really laughed and slapped their legs.  It broke the ice and I stumbled through.  I was grateful the Spirit took over and we were able to communicate a little better.  I was able to give them some simple counsel that I’m sure they already knew but it was good for me to say it.  We were with them for an hour and Diane shared her testimony …….. in Spanish.  I was so surprised.  I was ready to translate for her but she had written her testimony and read and said it to them.  It was simple and she struggled with some of the wording but those dear men understood what she said and I felt the Spirit touch them.

 "Un Gran Paseo"
Yesterday (Saturday) us and three other couples (the Acosta’s, Kendell’s, and Clark’s)  went on little paseo down to the ocean to a mall (Larco Mar) to the Inca Market and Kennedy Park, Dinner and then we topped the evening off by going to the “Water Park”.  We Began the day by sharing taxis and driving to the beach and mall, which is built into the side of the hill overlooking the beach. Diane was able to get two blouses that she was looking for.  

We (the Kendells and us) walked from the beach 14-16 blocks to the Inca Market where we looked more closely at the many wonderful Peruvian made crafts and blankets etc.  On the way we went past Kenndy Park, a main gathering place in that district (Mira Flores) for tourist and where to catch a tour bus of Lima.  Right next to the park was an old Catholic Cathedral, well known  for their care and protection of feral cats.  Needless to say their were cats all over the place, sleeping, lounging and strolling around the church and park.  It was amazing.

We finally met up with our group at the Inca Market.  Diane bought a few things there and then on the way to dinner, Sister Kendell noticed a specialty store with a lot of kitchen items.  Diane has been looking  and looking for a crock pot and was told by all that there was no such an item in Peru.  However,  Julene Kendell and Diane decided to look in the store anyway.  And there on a shelf surrounded by a zillion rice cookers were two crock pots.  Diane was ecstatic.  So we bought the smaller one.  That was quite the process just being able to purchase it.  I first had to get a ticket for the item. I then had to go to another part of the store stand in line to pay for it (taking about 20 minutes) and then  after paying, I had to go to another part of the store, stand in line again for another 15 minutes.  That’s how they do it here and I guess they think it’s an efficient method.  You can’t just go in a store, buy something, pay for it and walk out.  I guess it might be that they don’t have items stocked on the shelves and have to retrieve it from the back storeroom.

After that, I chose to carry it even though Diane offered.  I slung it over my back and held on to the bag “handles” and carried it like a back pack the rest of the day and into the evening. We Walked and walked from that store back to Kennedy Park and the Church and to a restaurant close by.  By the time we arrived my feet and knees were killing me and my load of the crock pot lightened.  I took my shoes off and enjoyed dinner.  After dinner we went out and got two taxis and then over to the water park where we finished the evening. What an incredible place.  It is a very large park with grass and old trees and large and different water fountains all over the park. We walked and walked and were amazed at the beautiful and different fountains.  One had a lazer light show every 45 minutes.  We were able to stand at the fence and watch the show of different colored lazer beams and movie projections using the mist from the dancing fountains as their screen.  It was just amazing,.  We ended our evening there and got a taxi and came home just exhausted but very satisfied with spending such a wonderful P-day with such great friends. 


  1. It's so great to "come along with you" as you explore your surrounding there in Peru. We want to come to visit you, perhaps in the late Fall of this year. Does that sound like something that could work for you two? We would love to visit Machu Picchu. We are flexible on dates and don't know if you would be permitted to go to Machu Picchu or if you would like to. Let us know if that would work for you and what dates would work. We are so proud of you! Love, Judy PS. Natasha got her call Saturday and will be working at the Manhattan Temple 4 days/wk and with the proselyting sister missionaries 2 days a week. We are very excited for her!

  2. I love Parque de la Reserva! I'm so surprised you found a crockpot. I never found one in the three years we were there.