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March 2, 2015

WEEK 2 ~ Taxi Rides, rain, and small earthquake

Our week was a very busy one, still learning much, well at least we have a handle on the phone system in the office..... kind of.  We are finding that each day is so full and busy with learning our assignments and trying to understand the Spanish around us.  We work in a section with 8 others around us.  All of them are Peruvian residents and none of them speak English.  They are so wonderful to work with and with a few English words that they know, hand signals and spanglish we get by.

The picture in the middle is L to R: Jorge, Francisco, Joe, Miguel, Mario and Nelly, the audit department. We work on the second floor.

One of the days last week was a very exciting one.  The wall behind our desk is banked with windows running the entire length of the room.  It overlooks the Peru MTC.  As we were working someone exclaimed excitedly to look out the window.  All got up and rushed to see what it was.  It was a miracle ...... it was raining .... a few drops literally but all were excited to see. Kind of like seeing snow in San Diego.  It averages about 2 inches of rain per year so any rain is a rare occurrence.  It was certainly a highlight of that day.

The other night after going to bed, I had just stood up from prayer when Diane came into the room and asked  "did you feel that?!"  I had not but she, being from California knew that we had experienced a small earthquake.  We found out the next day it was a 4.5 quake.  That night, before I went to bed I put some shoes and pants and shirt I could grab quickly just in case.

Finally, the taxi rides.  This has been our only mode of transportation so far.  Taxis are not expensive but we have to plan our trips so we aren't taking them everywhere and all the time.  Most run on natural gas which is about the same as regular gas in price but much cleaner and more economical.  We have met some very interesting and intelligent men as we have traveled.  Last Friday we took a taxi to and from the shopping mall. I learned I needed to have pass along cards with me as both were very interested in learning about the Church. One had just separated from his wife of 15 years and was very sad about his situation.  He wanted to know what our teachings were about the family.  I told him that God wanted families to exist beyond this life.  That is what we teach.  It was that simple and he was visibly touched.  He asked if he could come to church with us. We waited for him today but he didn't show up.  I know his name and he has my phone number.  

We are finding that we are making good friends with the taxi drivers and now they are looking for us as we go to a spot to catch one. We have met two Roy's, Jorge, John Wayne, Ulysses, and a slew of others.  We love the people.  For the most part they are warm, friendly, and very helpful.  We are becoming more accustomed to this beautiful country, both the physical and spiritual look of it.  This is our 2nd week report.  

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  1. I love reading from Joe's perspective too! The photos of your office are great. I love that I can now see in my head more of what your daily life is like. Great report!