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June 6, 2016

Week 64 and 65 ~ Seeing the Sights in Cusco

My brother David and his wife Judy came to Peru to share our mission experience with us. We enjoyed some of the sights in Lima but the big trip was to fly to Cusco and meet up with our tour guide Betho. He took us on an amazing trip to the archeological sights around Cusco, more sites to see as we drove through the Sacred Valley, and the highlight of the trip, Pachu Picchu. Since it takes me so long to get all the pictures organized, the next few blogs will show the wonderful experience we shared as we traveled together for a week in the highlands of Peru.
Our trip to 
Cusco and Machu Picchu

After arriving in Cusco, we went to the amazing ruins of Sacsayhuaman and Qenqo, both in the surrounding hills of Cusco. The elevation of Cusco is about 10,000 feet so we had a little trouble with being dizzy and light headed but it didn’t stop me from climbing as high as I could at Sacsayhuaman. The stonework was so awesome and our guide pointed out where the significant animal shapes were. AMAZING!! The impressive fortress of Sacsayhuaman strategically built on a hill from where all Cusco can be seen. It is famous for its enormous carved stones, some of which are 30 feet tall and weigh over 350 tons. At the top was a huge tower (pretty much leveled now) that reminded me of King Noah’s tower that overlooked the whole area for surveillance. At this site, there is a huge open field where once a year the Inti Raymi is held. It is a huge Sun Festival held in June with costumes, music, parade with the Inca and food. We hear it is pretty crazy. 

Qenqo Sacred Ruins

The pictures below are of the La Merced Convent and Museum, a beautiful collection of art all along the walls and the architecture is grand. This property has been bought out and it will be turned into a high-end hotel by next year, closed to the general public. Such a shame.
La Merced Museum

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