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January 24, 2016

Week 48 ~ We Found Gold Here

We had stake conference today. It was really good and the large chapel was packed including the stage. The Peruvians are beautiful people. Diane doesn't understand much of what they say and she feels uncomfortable just smiling and saying “Gracias” and wants to just go home.  Joe likes to visit with everyone. He loves that interaction and would stay until there was no one else to talk to. Joe explained that especially the women love to see Diane and give her a hug, actually it’s always a kiss on the cheek, because she is an American and a missionary. Trying to be more patient even though she doesn’t know who they are or what they’re saying.

We enjoyed a day out yesterday with Jerry and Jeri Prince from Canada. They are a great couple we enjoy being with and it was sure nice to get to know each other a little better, our background, work and families. We went to the Gold Museum of Lima not very far from our apartments. We spent three hours looking at all the fascinating collections. There were two floors of the private collection of Miguel Mujica Gallo, a dedicated Peruvian who spent most of his time and fortune collecting items of Peruvian history and world weapons.

The first floor was the Museum of World Weapons. Very impressive with huge quantities of ornate knives, guns, medieval armor, shields, helmets and battle axes, cemeters, clubs and swords. Amazing. There was a room strictly devoted to Japanese weapons and Samurai warrior armor that was great.

The basement was dedicated to Peruvian history and the different cultures through the centuries. It was here that we saw the metal craftsmanship of the people in silver, copper and a lot of gold jewelry, head dresses, earrings, and funeral masks. Most all the artifacts were found in the graves so it is assumed the items were not used for every day but were made specifically for the burial of a high ranking individual. We saw some wonderfully preserved pieces of pottery, along with two fancy litters to carry an important person, a perfectly preserved mummy of a woman complete with hair and fingernails, and woven tapestries. No pictures were allowed but I managed to get a few. Joe was sure I would be reprimanded since there were cameras and security guards everywhere.

This is our wall at the office with pictures of our children and all the grandchildren. It is quite the conversation piece with those that come by to talk, especially our local workers who are fascinated by the blond American families.

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