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November 2, 2015

Week 36 ~ Halloween in Peru

It seemed appropriate to visit this national cemetery in October for Halloween. Finished in 1807, it has such beautiful mausoleums, statues and markers honoring those who died in defense of the country. It houses the remains of several important political, military and literary figures. Most prominent of all the mausoleums is the Panteón de los Próceres where war heroes are buried shown here with the marching guards.

I was so excited to see pumpkins in the store even though it is spring here. I bought three pumpkins, baked them, scooped 'em out, pureed the pulp and put the pumpkin in the freezer for pies and desserts in the weeks to come. Here's the finished bags of pumpkin in my tiny freezer! And strawberries, soup, beans and other vegetables.

While in Nazca Saturday night for Halloween, we walked towards the town plaza. It got more and more crowded and more and more noisy. The children were out by the dozens all dressed in Halloween costumes, going about from store to store chanting “Halloween! Halloween! Halloween!” as the store clerks dropped candy in their buckets. It was a scene I’m glad to have experienced. 

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