"Being together is like catching a sunbeam; each new memory we make reflects light hinting there is more to see and know."

June 25, 2013

Exploring Yosemite National Park

With our home base at Angels Camp, we were only an hour and a half from Yosemite. We arrived by 9:00 in the morning and enjoyed the whole day there. After coming down the mountain and then through the mile-long tunnel, this scene opens up to view. What a beautiful morning! Yosemite is internationally known for its spectacular granite cliffs, waterfalls, clear streams, giant Sequoia groves and biological diversity. At this lookout point there are always tour buses full of tourists!

Our first stop was Bridal Veil Falls and we had a little walk up the hill to get to the base of the falls. There was a lot of water coming down and it was beautiful. There were also a lot of people -- in the way -- we had to dodge and take pictures around even for that early in the morning. We took a hike for a few miles to Mirror Lake. It was a really nice hike but Mirror Lake was sure a disappointment, like, we couldn't find it because it was so small.

One of the highlights of being in Yosemite is our visit to the Ahwahnee Hotel. It was built back in 1927 and has the true old and rustic characteristics. Joe and I walked all around the grand lobby, library and "Gentlemen's Lounge". There was a lot of beautiful artwork, Indian rugs and antiques on display. We had lunch in the grand dining room which was just delightful, a great Yosemite experience.
  We saved the best for last, Yosemite Falls. It is an easy mile hike to the bridge below the falls but Joe and I climbed up around the boulders to the base until we could feel the spray. There is a hike up to the top of Yosemite Falls but it takes between 6-8 hours and is pretty rigorous. Maybe we can do that another day.
Our day in Yosemite was so relaxing, except Joe out there in the middle of the meadow getting eaten up by mosquitoes! Even the crowds were at a minimum, probably because it is still too early in the year for most tourists. We are fortunate to be so close to enjoy this glacier wonder. At one time, the ice thickness in Yosemite Valley may have reached 4,000 feet during the early glacial period. The down-slope movement of the ice masses cut and sculpted the U-shaped valley, making such a unique place to visit.


  1. Oh mom, I'm so proud. This is a great post with so much good journaling info. Nice work!

  2. Yosemite is wonderful!! I'm wishing I was there right now! I'm so glad you both are enjoying each other and the beautiful scenery!